We Believe

CSS is committed to diversity in its workforce. We strive to ensure that our employees are respected and valued for their individual uniqueness, knowledge, experience, and skills. By respecting and valuing differences, we enhance our culture, foster teamwork, and build a better company.

Our Commitment

Creating and maintaining an inclusive and equitable workplace environment requires real action and commitment. We start by listening to our employee-owners. Through periodic surveys, anonymous hotline, and quarterly coffee with the founders, we actively seek their perspective on how well CSS addresses diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility (DEIA) issues, and where improvements can be made. From recruitment to engagement and connection, we are constantly evolving to ensure all aspects of CSS policies and processes are progressive and responsive to an ever-changing world.

Our Approach

CSS has an active, employee-run, DEIA Committee whose purpose is to:

  • Ensure that CSS policies, programs, and culture align with best practices for DEIA.
  • Help create strategic accountability for results, provide governance and oversight on diversity efforts, and promote company-wide communication on progress.
  • Successfully integrate the DEIA program with CSS’ mission, operations, strategies, and business objectives.
  • Ensure all views and perspectives of our employee-owners are heard and represented, and ideas are addressed.

Environmental Resource Assessment & Management

We apply science to address challenges affecting the nation’s natural resources.

Facilities Operations & Maintenance

We understand your facility support needs and deliver customized solutions.

Emergency Preparedness & Response

We help our clients prepare for and protect the health and environment of communities after disasters and hazmat releases.

Space Science Application Support & Operations

We deliver scientific support to advance our clients’ research goals.

Safety, Health, & Environmental

We provide our clients with tools to protect their workforce, the public, and the environment.

IT Services

Our IT solutions meet clients’ evolving needs.

Human Health Risk Assessment

We help advance the understanding of chemical effects on people and the environment.

Satellite Data Applications

Helping create a more environmentally sustainable, weather-ready, and secure nation through application of earth observation data  

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We are looking for world-class talent ready to address unique projects while working in a team environment that shares a commitment to employee-owner success. 

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